Thank you for visiting my website. I am grateful and thankful to experience, study, and practice healthcare. I appreciate the art and science of both eastern and western medicine. To say that one form of medicine is better than the other can only create tension and disharmony. I believe sickness comes from tension and disharmony. Alignment, ease, and detachment create a space for healing. When all forms of healthcare can fall into alignment, in their proper place, the greatest healing for a patient can occur. A practitioner that believes he or she has the only answer to one person's health only creates unhealthy attachments and disharmony. I believe a healthcare practitioner should desire a space for healing as much as they want it for their patient.

I love art, especially watercolor and sketch. I thought art was the path I would take in my life. And I did. Health is art. Most everything is a form of art, the canvases are just different. What makes health special to me is the connectivity of all the pieces. Understanding that each part creates the whole is the basis of healthcare, and most any philosophy.

Chiropractic Care kept my father from back surgery and my brother from weekly allergy shots. No medications, shots, inhalers, or surgeries were needed. But that does not mean that those forms of medicine aren’t necessary, they are just pieces of the puzzle.

As I grow along in the health profession, I see the benefit and need for all forms of healthcare. It would be naive of me to say that all conditions could be treated with one art form. That is why I like the term wholistic healthcare, all parts and whole body are considered.

Seeing my father and brother benefit from wholistic care planted the interest in my head. Furthermore, I come from a mixed heritage – Asian/Caucasian. My mother, "Momma Chong" once stated that I had distant uncles that were medicine men in the mountains of South Korea. In Korean/Chinese culture, herbs, chi, tai-chi, qi gong, acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques are my normal; they are not unusual to me. TCM may seem different to most, maybe unusual, but it is where I live, it’s in my blood.

In high school I had three options and interests in my mind – Artist, Pilot, and Healthcare. Healthcare won, and I’m glad I made the choice – I don’t see my life any other way.

I graduated with a B.S. in Biology from Austin Peay State University in 1997. After undergrad, I attended Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri and completed my Doctorate in Chiropractic with a specialization in Clinical Kinesiology in 2004.

I chose to specialize in Clinical Kinesiology, because in my opinion, it covers a wide range of testing techniques. Kinesiology can incorporate neurological muscle testing, Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, nutritional therapy, Allergy/Sensitivity clearing and functional medicine analysis. You never stop learning with this technique.

I started my own small practice in a small room of a small house in downtown Franklin, TN near 5 Points. Over the last decade, I have seen the practice grow to full capacity. I am thankful to God that this path has fulfilled me and taught me so many life truths.

During my sixth year, full onset of Lyme Infection (which I believe I contracted as a teen) began in 2011. It lasted more than three years, and I almost had to stop practice completely. With the treatments from my trusted colleagues and mentors – Dr. Allan Lindsley, Dr. Matt Buckley, Dr. Nancy Miller, and Dr. Dowty – I came out of all symptoms and infections. They allowed God to guide them, and I am forever grateful.

Another scare happened in December 2017. I had a ruptured ulcer that sent me to ICU and surgery. My surgeon, Dr. Rosen said stress was a big factor, and that I would have died if a few more hours had passed. I am still learning to live in alignment, in the now, with God. I extend an invitation to you to join along.


Dr. Motley



  • B.S. Biology Austin Peay State University
  • B.S. Human Biology Logan College of Chiropractic
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic Logan College of Chiropractic
  • Applied Kinesiology (AK) Certification
  • Acupuncture 100 Hour Certificatioin
  • Chiro + Plus Kinesiology(CPK) Certification
  • NET Neuro Emotional Techinique Certification
  • Functional Biochemistry Training
  • CPK Presenter at annual symposium