What makes CBD special?

Dr. Motley - Why CBD

What makes CBD special?

The proper communication between all the systems, tissues, cells, etc. in our bodies creates homeostasis.

Homeostasis is vital because it simply means we create balance, restore nutrients, heal from injuries, respond well to stress, eliminate toxins, remove cellular waste, create energy, regulate immune response, and control inflammation.

Most importantly CBD allows the innate intelligence of the body to flow and create natural healing without the need for so many supplements.

Homeostasis in all our systems means one system does not drain another system of vital energy, they all balance each other.

Proper communication and homeostasis in our bodies means we can create balance even with all the toxins in our environment.

The ECS is touted as the master control system of our homeostasis. It is our natural thermostat. The cannabinoids that we ingest and make ourselves help the ECS maintain our homeostasis aka our life processes that keep us strong against all environmental toxins is strengthened by cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids = Balance = Homeostasis!

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