What does your skin tell about you?

Dr. Motley - The Skin

What does your skin tell about you?

The skin is your largest organ.

The skin is very important because it's main job is to:

  1. detoxify you
  2. protect you
  3. transmit chi throughout the body

The skin is a clear indicator of what is going on in the rest of the body. 

Blimishes, acne, age spots, rashes, etc. in certain areas of the body and face can tell you if there are infections, toxins, or metabolic problems in other parts of your body.

Organ and Facial Correlation:

  • Forehead = Stomach and Small Intestine
  • Temples, Edge of Eyes = Gall Bladder, Thyroid, Small Intestine
  • Upper Cheeks = Stomach
  • Mid Cheek = Lungs and Large Intestine
  • Crease of Nose to Crease of Lips = Large Intestine
  • Jaw Line = Small Intestine and Gall Bladder
  • Chin = Reproductive Organs, Bladder, and Descending Colon
  • Neck = Stomach, Large Intestine, and Thyroid

Knowing where the problem truly lies for your skin health is the first step. If you notice blemishes or wrinkles in these areas, you can then go through your health history and ask yourself if you have had problems or a family history of problems in these areas.

I you do, the next step is to get testing in these areas to find out what the problem is. Then you can start detoxing to help bring life back to the skin.

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