The Trifecta of Energy

Doctor Motley - EnergyThe Triftecta of Energy


Last week we talked about the importance of sleep and its affect on your hormonal system. Today I want to give you a simple step by step on how your body can get drained!

Step 1: You encounter stress, whether good or bad.

Step 2: The hormonal glands in your brain (hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal ... aka stress center) react and send a signal to the thyroid to respond.

Step 3: The Thyroid (the spark plug) then releases T4 and T3 which signals all the cells in your body to start creating energy.

Step 4: The Adrenal glands (the turbo for your engine) are recruited by the thyroid to start producing cortisol and adrenaline to either run or fight=fight or flight.

Step 5: When Adrenals get over worked they ask the ovaries/testes to help, because they create the same hormones in lesser amounts as the adrenals. Eventually the ovaries/testes can get burned out. 

Possible solutions: thyroid and adrenal support is key. Take a good B-Complex (one that does not give you the jitters and has NO FILLERS), a good Vitamin D with Vitamin K, L-Carnitine, Magnesium and Vitamin C.

Please note, each of these can help but remember you are an individual so take the time and discover what works for you.

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