The Top Eight Worst Foods to Stop Eating Now

Hey guys, I want to give the basic rule of what not to eat. To start healing your digestion and metabolism, it starts with the food we eat. Here are the foods that create more harm than benefit. They are made for profit only.
    1. Refined Grains and White Flour
    2. Hydrogenated Oils
    3. Artificial Sweeteners - Aspartame
    4. Refined Sugar - White sugar
    5. Candy, Soda, Pastries
    6. High Fructose Corn Syrup
    7. Pasteurized Food Products and Dairy (homogenized)
    8. Non-Fermented Soy
This is where you start your journey on a healthy diet. I promise you will feel better and reduce overall inflammation and digestive problems if you quit these foods and drinks.

Be well,
Dr. Motley

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