The Ketogenic Diet

Doctor Motley - Keto DietWhy the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet has three major components:
  1. High amounts of healthy fats
  2. Moderate amount of proteins
  3. Very low intake of carbohydrates
    Remember, I think all the diets work but I ask why a particular diet is good for a person. The key to ketogenic is the proper intake of HEALTHY FATS to support many metabolic processes in our bodies. Fats are very important to our health. The intake of any type of fat has often been criticized with creating high cholesterol, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, high triglycerides, heart attacks, strokes, etc. These symptoms are mostly the result of excessive sugar and trans (bad) fats consumption. The normal American diet is high carb/sugar and very low healthy fats.

    Fats are vital for:
    1. Brain health- your brain is mostly fat and water
    2. Nerve health- fat helps with protecting nerves
    3. Hormone production- hormones are made from cholesterol which comes from fats
    4. Healthy cell function- the walls of your cells are made of fats and cholesterol. You need healthy fats to have pliable healthy cells!

    The reasons I like and suggest the ketogenic diet. My main reasons are:
    1. Blood sugar stabilization
    2. Helps balance insulin
    3. Helps with hormone balance-estrogen/testosterone
    4. Produces Steady Energy!!
    5. Energy production-fat is an efficient source of energy production. Whereas sugar is a very quick source and fast burner, but not very efficient. Ketogenic utilizes fats as the primary source of energy instead of sugar. So instead of just burning sugar you will burn your fat=weight loss. This helps the body produce ketones in the liver which keeps the body burning fat as fuel. This is the process of ketosis.
    Ketosis has been documented to help with:
    1. Healthy weight loss
    2. Decreases inflammation
    3. Stabilizes blood sugar and insulin
    4. Fatigue and energy production
    5. Lower risk of cancer
    Research shows that cyclical ketogenic diet is a better option than just staying on the diet year round.

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