The Grief and Mold Connection

Dr. Motley - Cold Season is Mold Season

The Grief and Mold Connection

Mold in the lungs can be associated with chronic bronchitis, chronic cough, wheezing, clearing the throat, rashes, low oxygen. Etc.

The lungs processes the emotions of grief, sadness, and crying.

Traumatic grief can create an environment of internal crying. In Chinese Medicine (TCM), internal environments are described as hot, cold, wet/damp, or dry.

Holding your tears inside creates a damp environment according to TCM. This dampness is equal to a damp basement, with no ventilation...a perfect spot to grow mold.

If you have chronic lung or mold conditions, please check and see if you have unresolved grief or sadness. Holding on to these memories can create a damp environment.

Crying or letting it out will release the dampness and allow the lungs to balance. This could keep mold from over growing.

Certain ways to help release grief:

  • Crying-don’t be afraid to let it out
  • EFT tapping technique
  • EMDR-eye movement desensitization therapy
  • NET, NAET, or TBM -emotion and allergy elimination techniques (find a practitioner who utilized these)

Cry it out!

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