Strong Heart Wall

Doctor Motley - Strong Heart WallStrong Heart Wall

In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is linked (called sister meridians) to 3 other organ systems:
  1. Small Intestine
  2. Circulation/Hormones=blood flow and sex drive
  3. Triple Heater=Thyroid, Adrenals, and Reproductive Organs
These make up the Fire section of 5 Element Theory Acupuncture. Fire element represents heat, burning, passion, and love. Emotionally these individuals are more likely to feel abandonment, desertion, apathy, hysteria, and EMOTIONAL FATIGUE.

In this style of acupuncture, the goal is to keep the fire burning but not let it get too hot or too cool. There has to be a steady burn. The warmth/strength of the heart is directly connected to the 3 other sister meridians above.

This means that the strength of the heart is connected to what:
  • We EAT
  • Systemic Infections
  • Stress
  • Sugar-Blood Sugar Balance
Remember the heart coordinates the formation and development of all the other systems in the body. If we are out of balance with stress, diet, infections, and sugar, we will drain the heart of its heat, strength, and protective wall. These physical things can make the heart susceptible to emotional feelings like abandonment, vulnerable, drained, instability, hysteria, and apathy.

Keep the diet, infections, stress and blood sugar in check and keep the heart strong! A strong heart is true self!

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