Probiotics Increase Your Vitamin D Absorption

Dr. Motley - Probiotics and Vitamin D

Probiotics Increase Your Vitamin D Absorption

If you have had symptoms of:

  • Chronic low levels of vitamin D
  • Fluctuating hormones-such as estrogen, testosterone, thyroid hormones, etc.
  • Low functioning immune system
  • Weak bones - osteoporosis

Probiotics can assist in raising your vitamin d levels.

Nature has amazing ways of raising your vitamin D levels:
  1. From the Sun
  2. And by raising your vitamin K levels to absorb more vitamin D through consuming grass fed beef, eggs, butter, and some fermented foods

There is a 3rd way, and that is by probiotics...namely Bacillus Subtilis.

This strain produces K2 and it helps convert K1 to K2 in your diet.

If you have had any of the above symptoms, check and see if your probiotic supplement has this strain.

I have seen this probiotic help many patients who have had low D levels and hormonal shifts. Check it out.

Help the sun and the cows out!

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