Presentement - Part 2

Doctor Motley - PresentimentPresentement - Part 2


In the field of heart math, one of the points in healing anxiety is to create a life of gratitude. The research states that training the heart to “feel” gratitude, not just the mind, can create a FIELD of gratitude from the heart. It appears that having gratefulness in the body promotes health within our cells.

They say that cells operate it at its best when they are vibrating at the same rate as a molecule of oxygen, between 630-640 nanometers. Gratitude promotes this vibration within cells. It has also been shown that gratitude within the body prevents anxiety centers from firing in the brain.

It can take a thought or phrase to be repeated 700-800 times before the body believes it is true. Practicing gratitude everyday, twice a day is the place to start. Make it a habit, find three things in life you are grateful for, and thank God for them morning and night. That’s it, nothing more.

Your day will start with the program that you are looking for things to be grateful for. Just watch what it attracts in your life!

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