Doctor Motley - PositivityPositivity!

Scientists say that we think an average of 30-40,000 thoughts per day. And 75% of those thoughts are negative. That’s most of the day!

We can charge our days with negativity if we are not careful. This post is very simple. Be mindful of what you think. This is not to say we don’t have bad days, and yes we need to blow off steam at times.

Training the mind and heart to stay focused with intentional gratitude and positivity has show tremendous health benefits in research. Improvements in heart disease, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, depression, etc. have all been documented with positive mental TRAINING. Positivity takes training, and I don’t mean walking around with a grin on your face all the time 😳. It simply is taking a stress and looking at it without expectations, assumptions, or unwarranted responsibility.

So start training!

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