Parasites, Gallbladder and Fatigue

Dr. Motley - Parasite Points

Parasites, Gallbladder and Fatigue

Parasites like to hide out in the gallbladder, because they can hide in the bile.

When gallbladder function is low, gallstones can form. Parasites can hide in the stones.

As you eat, the parasites can move from the gallbladder into the stomach through a small opening called the sphincter of oddi to rob you of your nutrients. They then can move back into the gallbladder after your meal; they are protected by the gallstones.

Gallbladder flushes are popular, but I do not recommend them at first when anyone is trying to clean out toxins or parasites.

You can start with low doses of:

  •  Schisandra
  • Beet capsules
  • Phyllanthus niruri- Body Guard Supreme

These can help the body break up the stones first and allow your body to attack the parasites on its own.

The point used to analyze for parasites are usually around the belly button and the ICV and VOH points.

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