Massage for Clear Skin

Dr. Motley - Massage for Clear Skin

Massage, relaxation, allergies, flow, and clear skin :)

Vibration/percussion of the abdominal area and along the spine helps:

  1. Stimulate lymph flow
  2. Encourage blood flow to all organs
  3. Process allergies and sensitivities(food, air, etc.) from the body

Vibration is one of the fastest signals to reach the brain. .

The brain’s attention is called to the area on the body where the vibration or percussion is placed.

Any spot the brain’s attention is called to will result in the body trying to heal that area and every point associated with it.

Massaging along the both sides of the spine and abdominal area (as seen on video) stimulate the lymph nodes, nerves, and acupuncture points to help digestion and detoxification.

Stimulation of these points are used in many allergy/sensitivity elimination techniques I have studied - TBM, NAET, etc. They help release allergy symptoms tremendously.

Daily massage and percussion of these points will keep the toxins moving, which means more energy and clearer skin.

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