Love and Healing

Doctor Motley - Love and Healing

Love and Healing

As you heal, remember the people you spend time with influence the way you heal.

Your heart is at ease when you are with others that have no expectations of you, and when there is no give and take mentality.

You walk hand in hand beside someone. You are in your lane; they are in theirs. Through all the hardships and struggles you walk beside each other, with love abounding.

Never trying to take control and push into their lane or they into yours. You amplify each other. You don’t have to give and take love, because love abounds everywhere.
We walk in this love...together.

The signs of love are the signs of life: joy, peace, grace, kindness, patience, humility, truth, honesty, hope and protection.

When there is no control or high expectations, it amplifies the signal and love GROWS.

We heal when we have these types of relationships. Cherish them when you find them.

Live in love, dear heart. Journey on.

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥️

Styled and Shot by @lindsayblaze

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