Hibernation Mode

Dr. Motley - Hibernation Mode

Winter Shedding

Hibernation = Emotional Healing

The best gift we can give ourselves this holiday season is the permission to sleep. Winter is the perfect time, because of short days, that’s what this season energy is meant for.

Any form of healing, whether it be in the heart, brain, digestion, lungs, etc. starts with sleep.

When we sleep we build chi. And that chi processes and releases emotions. That is why we dream so much as we let go of trauma or emotional barriers.

We are built to sleep, shed and process emotions. Simply because we are storing more energy for new growth and birth in the spring.

Leaves just don’t just fall off, they are forced off by the trees. The trees prep for new growth and building more strength, not chi...as we should.

This season is especially meant to process emotional baggage.

Sleep heals the emotions. SO GOT GET SOME SLEEP.

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