Doctor Motley - Grief Part 2


According to neurology, the shape and tissue of the brain are influenced by two types of memory:
1. Implicit - emotions, body sensations, relationships, sense of our environment
2. Explicit - recalling specific events, ideas, or concepts

Implicit memory is the type of memory which is “felt” or our “gut feeling”. It is visceral: how our bodies and organs sense and receive emotions and sensations from our ENVIRONMENT, RELATIONSHIPS, OTHER PEOPLE, SITUATIONS, etc.

These implicit memories build and shape our brain. How we experience and will experience life greatly depends on what we have FELT throughout our lives.

What we have felt in our life has been stored in the implicit memory bank. Psychologist and neurologist say that we are what we remember (remembering how we feel). This slow accumulation of memory actually builds certain portion of the brain. If you have good memories it can build the left frontal cortex area of the brain.

When negative events, trauma, or depression occurs, it can shrink the hippocampus area of the brain by 10-20%. This area of the brain is responsible for processing stress and emotions. If this occurs, it can reduce your ability to remember positive events.

Our brains are hard wired to remember negative events or negative parts of any situation. Researchers say it is very important to look for the GOOD in any situation, especially grief.

According to psychology research, when GRIEF comes, you must look at the positive aspects of it to help you release it. When you do this it actually BUILDS the portion of your brain that houses positive memories. More nerve circuitry is then created for you to send positive signals in the brain.

Looking at the positive areas of a trauma or bad memory, allows the body to connect with TRUE SELF by processing the negative memories of the grief.

True self shows us that the grief is a path for us to connect to GOD/DIVINE.

Our grief could bring heaven to earth.

The book of Psalms says,”We’ve been overwhelmed with grief; come now and overwhelm us with gladness. Replace our years of trouble with decades of delight.” 🦋
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I found your read so fascinating. I’m married to a man whose father was a gutter bum alcoholic. Getting so drunk that at age 7 my husband had to drive a truck loaded with wood home. As a teenager his father asked to use his car but sold it for drink. His mother left him with his grandmother and went out of state with another man and never returned. He has always said there is something wrong with his brain and memory. You have explained him perfectly. No relationships just work is all he knows to do. Very much a loner. Amazing how you have identified his problem.

Christine Daughriy April 28, 2019

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