Give Yourself Permission

Doctor Motley - Give Yourself Permission

Give Yourself Permission

In any healing crisis and journey for GROWTH, give yourself permission to feel what you really feel.

Trying to protect someone else’s feelings or meet an expectation of how you think you should be, can be a stunt to your growth.

Covering up how our mind and bodies truly react to any negative situation can lead to guilt and self shaming. Simply because we keep using our energy to cover it up; we may not be honest with ourselves. If we perpetuate a path that resists awareness, it can be felt like living a lie, subconsciously.

There is no freedom in that type of thinking. If you don’t give yourself permission it actually will INCREASE your stress.

There is a difference between accepting what you feel and holding on. You can accept that your are angry or sad about, but you don’t have to hold on to it.

Look, accept, feel what you feel, and let it pass through you walk through it.
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