Enneagram and Earth

Doctor Motley - Enneagram and Earth

Enneagram and Earth

The EARTH element describes those who depend heavily on the SPLEEN and STOMACH to process emotions.

Listen up my ENNEAGRAM 2, 6, and 9’s. I better listen up then too (I’m a 9).

The SPLEEN and STOMACH help process emotions of:
- Low self-esteem
- Over Concern
- Caring too much - WORRY-PENSIVENESS
- OVER SYMPATHETIC - feeling other’s pain
- Distrust
- Lacking control over events
- Hopelessness

These emotions describe an EARTH constitution.

The EARTH individuals are:
- Grounded
- Practical/Simple
- Love the hills and mountains
- Very LOVING, CARING, and Tenderhearted
- Sees and feels the needs of others without a word
- Energized by helping others

REMEMBER when these organs are balanced they process the emotions unique to them, worry, distrust, etc. This then allows energy to be freed up so all other organs can process their emotions in a smaller scale.

High levels of over concern and worry create a stagnation of chi/energy within the EARTH element. This will create even more worry, because the organ runs out of room to hold all the emotion. It starts to pour out, and the other organs not meant to process worry (heart, liver, etc.)have to pick up the slack and try to help. That’s how organ imbalance occurs.

The physical and chemical problems that can arise:
Stomach problems
Chronic digestive issues-bloating, belching, constipation
Heartburn and Indigestion
Anemia or low blood oxygen
Low immune

EARTH individuals have Care as a centerpiece in their life. They are geared to care for others throughout life, and often neglect themselves.

Over concern and caring too much about every situation can lead to CHRONIC WORRY in an Earth constitution. Caring brings happiness to these peeps(which is a good thing), but a healthy dose of creating boundaries can offset the worry. Boundaries help the EARTH element feel more in control over events.

In TCM there are a few simple suggestions to help strengthen the earth element:
- Set boundaries! Know your limit of caring and giving
- Set time every day for short rests, meditation, prayer
- Schedule times of self care, exercise, and fun things in your life...meant for only you
- Practice not reacting to every situation as if something needs to be rescued. Sit back and think about if the situation is part of another’s persons journey to heal

Set some boundaries EARTH!

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I listened to the VE podcast today and had to check out your blog. It didn’t disappoint! I’m a 9 and have been anemic since high school. Last year I was told I had low platelet count and was subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer (Im now in remission).
Can I do anything to increase my platelet count or help my immune system stay strong?
Appreciate you!

Stacy April 28, 2019

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