Drive in the positive lane.

Dr. Motley - Positivity

Drive in the positive lane.

As you heal, you find times where others are encouraging to you and you can be encouraging to others.

There were some personal lessons I learned and lived by when I had severe Lyme infection, and it helped me through hard times.

  • Encouragement is key. Having friends around that live encouraging, positive lives.
  • Avoid relationships that feed off each other (also, try and examine if you are co-dependent in any way). Rest in relationships that amplify the encouragement to create a positive space.
  • Knowing my condition and facing it.
  • Realizing that healing is a journey, I can’t put a time stamp on it.
  • What I learn about my true self is the benefit of my journey-unraveling my programming.
  • Truthful, joyful conversation is healing.

One of my main focal points was to resist the option of hanging with individuals who were in a negative space. WE ALL GO THROUGH IT, I HAVE BEEN MANY TIMES. However, when you are healing, the vibrations of negativity could pull you out of balance. Please be mindful. This could be a season to examine the relationships you have.

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