Difference between CBD and THC

Dr. Motley - CBD and THC

Difference between CBD and THC

CBD (cannabidiol) is only one of the many forms of cannabinoids, there are over 80 forms in all. Remember cannabinoids are found in the cannabis family of plants, including marijuana and hemp.

THC is another type cannabinoid which is known for its “high” psychoactive effect commonly associated with marijuana.

There are major health benefits to both CBD and THC, but the psychoactive effects are what makes it illegal in many states. The problem arises when individuals want the health benefits without the “high” feeling. And since small amounts of THC can be illegal in some states, an alternative was searched for.

That was when hemp was researched heavily, and CBD started to be widely used. CBD which comes from hemp is not illegal.

THC is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, not hemp. Some researchers state that CBD oil has as much or even more healing properties than THC. However that is to be investigated further in the years to come.

Producers of cannabis are trying to find ways to genetically produce plants with different ratios of CBD to THC. Marijuana oil comes from the marijuana plant not hemp. CBD oil is primarily produced from the hemp plant.

You are good to use CBD friends!

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