Dr. Motley - Coughing

Still Coughing?

After any bout with a cold or flu, some symptoms hang on. Usually it’s the nagging cough.

Viruses are harmful in two ways:

  1. They invade your cells and replicate themselves and spread through the bloodstream
  2. They also travel along nerve roots and injure nerves

That’s what makes a cough stay, simply because a virus can stay embedded in the blood and nervous system at low levels.

I suggest along with The Trifecta of vit D, C, and silver, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)-2 capsules a day on empty stomach.

Cysteine is a vital component to create taurine and glutathione, both which help clean the liver of toxins.

Taurine is a great detoxer of the central nervous system. Which will help clear the cough and throat soreness.

Try it if you have the cough that won’t go away...

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