Constipation and the Thyroid

Dr. Motley - Constipation and Thyroid

Constipation and the Thyroid

Lowered thyroid function can lead to chronic constipation.

Constipation is defined as not having at least one bowel movement a day.

 If you are chronically or partially constipated, you more than likely have a tired thyroid, regardless if your blood-work says thyroid levels are normal.

 T3 and T4 hormones from your thyroid create energy and are needed for peristalsis, the movement of your colon muscles.

Imbalanced thyroid hormones can slow down the movement of food through the intestines leading to constipation.

If food breaks down and sits longer than it should in the intestines, toxins and microbes from the foods can build up in the digestive tract. This leads to inflammation and possible yeast and bacterial overgrowth(SIBO).

Infection overgrowth and lowered thyroid function feed one another to create a negative feedback loop, where one can cause the other.

Chronic thyroid fatigue can create intestinal toxicity, and chronic intestinal toxicity can create chronic thyroid fatigue.

You need to have at least one if not two bowel movements a day. 

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