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Holiday Season and the Rush = Colds

I have already had conversations with patients that they love the holiday season, but dislike the planning and rush.
To stay balanced this season do your best not to rush. Slowing down has been shown in research to build your immune.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the emotions of obsessive thoughts (OCD) and “gotta get it done” are processed within the Large Intestine. The Lack of Control over events is processed in the stomach.

Both of these meridians begin on the face right by the crease of the nose (LI) and under the eye (ST). When these organs are overworked from the stress of rushing and trying to control, it weakens the organ.

All the points that are related to the organs can get inflamed.

The areas around nose and eyes are weakened and make you susceptible to colds and viruses. That’s where colds and flu comes in.

Keep up on the trifecta.

  1. Vitamin D
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Colloidal or Ionic Silver
Most of all guys, try not to rush. Relax, let the season come to you!

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