Cold and Flu Prevention

Dr. Motley - Cold and Flu Prevention

Cold and Flu Prevention

With the cold and flu season coming, the best step is prevention.

These are the basic supplements I add to my own regimen to keep my immune system balanced and defensive. I rarely get sinus or cold issues. 

  1. Vitamin D3/K2 (also with vitamin A and vitamin E if available) 4000-6000 IU a day
  2. Vitamin C 6000-8000 mg a day
  3. Colloidal or Ionic Silver-1 tablespoon a day
  4. Echinacea- 2 capsules a day

Also massage and rub the stomach (ST1), spleen (SP21), large intestine (LI1), and lung (LU1) points daily to keep these organs energized during the cold season.

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