Brain Fog

Dr. Motley - Brain Fog

Brain Fog

Brain fog has many descriptions:

  1. Can’t think clearly
  2. Can’t follow a conversation
  3. Hard to follow directions
  4. Everything is turned backwards
  5. Can’t add/subtract, make clear sentences
  6. Walking through a dim fog
  7. Feels out of body sometimes
  8. When you hear someone it sounds from a distance
  9. Head itches
  10. Ears are clogged and stuffy
  11. Sinuses fill up and you feel like you’re floating

Main contributors to brain fog:
  • Thyroid problems-hashimoto’s, Graves’ disease, thyroid cysts or masses, etc.
  • Chronic digestive issues-FOOD ALLERGENS/sensitivities, leaky gut, H. Pylori, E. Coli, penecillian toxicity
  • Chronic infections-Lyme infection, EBV, Viral, Parasitic, Strep, Staph, prion, etc.
  • Candida yeast overgrowth-acetaldehyde toxins, organic acid toxins
  • Metal toxicity-especially fillings in teeth

These are long lists but they can give you tools to what tests can be run to learn more. We will discuss the topics this week and will probably do more in depth conversation with digestion sensitivities in the future.

Let’s get our heads out of the clouds!!

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