Doctor Motley - Belief


What we believe, we see.

Your body follows what you believe.

Your beliefs determine the path you take.

The beliefs we hold close are influenced by our ancestors, our present environment, and the womb.

Repetitive experiences and thoughts create beliefs. It can happen at any time of life, but especially at a young age.

These beliefs can be positive or negative.

But since we think negatively a majority of the time, we can have the tendency to look at life as working against us.

One of the main lies we tell ourselves is that we are not loved. This is one of the main hinderances to physical healing I see in the office.

This is a BELIEF. And it can be changed. GOD/DIVINE and the Mind wants us to know that LOVE is consistently everywhere.

The frequency of love exists throughout the universe. According to space research, it is one of the main sounds that is identified throughout the cosmos. Even the stars emit this frequency.

We don’t have to produce LOVE, it already exists. in other words, you don’t have to MAKE anyone love you, and no one else NEEDS you to feel loved. Love abounds everywhere.
We have to choose to walk in it.

If we believe that love is around, we repeat that to ourselves, and walk in it. We don’t have to be approved to receive love, it’s free. Just this step can create physical healing.


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